Autogenic Training developed by Dr. Schultz, J. H.: A gentle way to relax

I have compiled a very brief guide of autogenic training for you, based on my experience as a relaxation coach in a rehabilitation clinic. I hope that with these instructions you will easily learn autogenic training.

For a long time now, stress research has proved that thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative, affect the specific reactions of the body.

Thoughts of fear trigger anxiety and respective responses in the body. Thoughts of joy trigger happy feelings and reactions in the body. Thoughts of autogenic training trigger relaxation reactions.

This is exactly what you will learn with this manual. Thought formulas with which you trigger relaxation reactions in your body.

I am sure you will love the relaxation exercises described here and gainfully integrate them into your daily routine.

Rainer Tameling (Dipl.-Psych.) – (Psychologist)